Saturday, May 9, 2009


Over the last month, or so, I have had the opportunity of embarking on 2 separate camping trips. The first was at the beginning of April. Several of my friends and I decided that we should have a "Daddy - Daughter" camp out. My two girls have been requesting the trip and I finally caved and organized the outing. The second camp out was our annual "Father and Sons" event that happened at the beginning of May. Both camp outs were at the same location (Parker Canyon Lake in AZ). After spending several days in the wilderness with both my daughters and my son I have made a few observations.

Here are the things I have learned:

1. When camping with girls a Tea Party, complete with gold fish and hot chocolate, can break out at any time. 

2. Girls have about half the patience of boys when it comes to fishing, and boys have about half the patience of a gnat. 

3. Girls can spend hours in a tent talking about... I'm not really sure because the dads are not allowed. Then when you kick them out of the tent they will set up a group session in the largest unlocked car. In the car they will spend hours talking about... again I am not sure because the dads are not allowed. After running the battery dead in the car, they will head out on a hike where they will separate themselves from the dads because they need to talk about... see above comments for the rest.

4. Boys are fascinated with fire, and will throw anything they can get their hands on into said fire. They will also poke at the fire with any long flammable objects they can find, and after catching the object on fire, they will proceed to run around with the object until some other camper gets injured.

5. Girls are also fascinated with fire, but are content to watch from a distance and get just close enough to stay warm. 

6. When camping with girls you need to be sure and bring enough hot chocolate and cups for anyone within a 500 yard radius of your cooking area. Apparently there is a need to set up a free Hot Chocolate stand and solicit orders from all who are present. 

7. I learned that when it comes to camping and helping out that the following saying is applicable for boys and girls:
A boy is a boy. 2 boys is half a boy, and 3 boys is no boy at all.

8. No matter the weather boys/girls would rather tough it out then go home early.

9. Finally I learned that no matter the gender I enjoy camping with my kids. They are the best.

Next time we need to get mom to come along as well.