Sunday, May 23, 2010

Catching up and Catching Snakes

Time for another mass update on my blog. I really should do this a little at a time, but for some reason it just stacks up.

How do you know when summer officially arrives in Tucson?
You find one of these in your back yard. Actually Sarah found 2 snakes in the back yard, but there was only one left when I got home. We managed to catch this gopher snake and play with him for a while before letting him go in the desert.

The day I have been waiting for... Mitchell is old enough to mow the lawn.

Madeline played Sacajawea in her school musical. She did a great job.

Noah is such a fun kid.

Sarah's book is releasing on Tuesday, and the publisher sent her flowers and an early release copy.

We found this fountain at the Mall and I diverted the water while the kids crawled inside. They didn't get too wet.

Mitchell's new favorite game is Killer Bunnies. He has been saving his allowance so he can buy all the booster packs.