Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunday Morning Birth Control

The Setting:
A lazy Sunday morning. Sarah and I are laying in bed contemplating whether to get up and start the Sabbath morning process. Lizzy, our cute five year old, enters the room and starts rummaging through my side table drawer. I roll over to see her holding up a string of condoms. The following conversation ensues.

Lizzy: What are these?
Me: Umm... Those are condoms.
Lizzy: What are they for?
Me: Umm... Well... We use those if we don't want mommy to get pregnant.

At this point Sarah has perked up to see how this conversation is going to end.

Lizzy: Do you put them on her tummy?
Me: No... Umm...
Lizzy: They're stretchy... I know... I opened one before and put it on my foot.

Lizzy then puts the condoms down and leaves the room. Just another Sunday at the Bisel home.