Sunday, March 7, 2010

Published Bisel

My amazing wife is a published author!!!!

After months of hard work her quilting book is available for pre-sale on and

I am so proud of her!! Just one of the many reasons why I am amazed that this incredible woman married me.

Great Job Honey!!!!

Our Littlest Man

Have you ever seen such a handsome baby?

Noah is figuring out how to control his hands and put things in his mouth.

His latest discovery... Graham Crackers!!

My Little Girl

What happened to my little girl?

She got braces this week. Is she old enough for this?
Seeing my kids growing up scares me a bit!

Game Night

The other night the kids asked us why only the adults get to have a game night. We didn't really have a good answer, and the kids didn't have school on the following Thursday or Friday, so Thursday night became the first Bisel Family Kid's Game Night.

Each of the 3 kids invited 3 friends to the 3 hour event.

After mayhem and wrestling in the yard for about 45 minutes the kids all broke up into their various activities.

Mitchell and his friends played on the Wii and Bakugon.

Maddie and her friends played Life.

Lizzy and her friends played with dolls and building blocks.

Mitchell learned the hard way to avoid your opponents front kick.